• Workshop on Children's Rights Issues: Challenges and Perspectives
  • Support to Social Sector Reforms in Armenia Program. Kick-off meetings in communities
  • Support to Social Sector Reforms in Armenia Program (2014-2017)

Support to Social Sector Reforms in Armenia Program (2014-2017)

Support to Social Sector Reforms Program is implemented by a consortium of local and international organizations: Armenia based NGO Mission Armenia as the lead organization, Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (local NGO), Child Development Foundation (local NGO) and Counterpart International (US-based NGO) and generously supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The goal of the Support to Social Sector Reforms Program (5-year program started in December 2014, Counterpart International will phase-out in 2017) is to promote an improved and sustained social protection system in Armenia that is responsive to citizen needs. The program will do so by working with individual citizens and civil society organizations to improve their access to information, increase their participation in the policy reform, and strengthen their capacity to monitor government’s performance.”

This goal is supported by four Results Areas:

1) Civil Society’s Ability to engage citizens and articulate their interests improved and sustained;

2) Monitoring of government institutions, officials and policy processes strengthened;

3) Citizen Access to independent and reliable information increased; and

4) Civil society enabling environment improved.

The major roles of the Consortium are to: (1) mobilize and empower citizens with relevant capacities to ensure citizens’ engagement in the monitoring of social sector reforms that GoA has recently introduced in Armenia to the pension system, social services and child protection services; (2) strengthen the capacity of CSOs to monitor these reforms and provide quality services in line with the Integrated Social Services (ISS) principals; (3) engage in monitoring and advocacy for the realization of these social sector reforms; and (4) develop evidence-based recommendations for further improvement of reforms and the better protection of social rights.

The project is working in Yerevan and in urban communities of Marzes of Armenia.

All the combined actions of Consortium members will ensure that by the final year of project implementation CSOs and citizens have proper capacity, links and understanding to lead the monitoring process on their own and provide quality social service without external support from the Program.

Consortium’s integrated approach will facilitate synergies among citizens, CSOs, government and donor organizations to mutually realize the objectives of the program.