• Support to Social Sector Reforms in Armenia Program (2014-2017)
  • Workshops, and a meeting at the Ministry of Territorial Administration for the Y/CAC members on “Youth Perception of Community Consolidation”
  • Opening ceremony of Community Center in Gomq

A productive trip to Lori Region by USAID Armenia and Counterpart teams 

On 20th July the city of Alaverdi was amidst a weeklong festivities as she was celebrating Alaverdi Day! There were indoor and outdoor events, competitions, exhibitions, award ceremony, and a concert in city stadium followed by gorgeous fireworks.

UntitledAlaverdi partners decided to hold the opening ceremony of newly renovated art school on the last day of celebrations. USAID Armenia and Counterpart International Armenia’s representatives were present at the opening ceremony of the newly renovated and furnished School of Arts, the work of which was accomplished through Counterpart’s CSLGS Program’s LGI Grant project, funded by USAID Armenia, with co-funding of community and state budgets.

It is for the community to decide which project is of greater importance to the town and how its resources should be spent. All we need to do is to choose the approaches, the programs, that allow us to do what our townspeople consider necessary, using the resources we have. That is the key to success for a local government”, Mayor Artavazd Varosyan is convinced of this.

According to Richard Byess, Programme Officer USAID Mission Armenia, “Alaverdi has taken the key to change from us and, with it, the responsibility to bring the community to new heights. We look forward to seeing great things from her”.

The ceremony was also attended by the Governor of Lori Region (Marz) Mr. Arthur Nalbandyan.

Moreover, the USAID representatives joined the long-term strategic planning session held by Counterpart with the participation of Alaverdi Community Working Group (CWG) and Community Council members, as well as representatives from neighboring Tsater, Debet and Akhtala communities. The innovative and novel 14-step Long-term Strategic planning methodology with its templates and procedures was presented by CPI Community Development Team and discussed by participants for the region and its neighboring territories.

Untitled.At Akhtala, the USAID representatives visited the Community centre, which was renovated and furnished by Counterpart’s support. The focal points of meetings with the Y/CAC and CWG members were the issues and problems of youth, the Y/CAC’s programs and their motivating exchange program with Dilijan’s Y/CAC. Akhtala may be a rather small settlement with about 3,000 people but they have a big experience in mobilizing international and national donors. They are a small yet resolute community.

Finally, the representatives visited Vanadzor, Counterpart’s largest partner community, on 22nd July. The Municipal Councillors’ Session room was renovated and equipped to make the LG operation more accountable and responsive, as well as to enable them to promote citizens’ participation in decision-making. The Mayor of Vanadzor stressed the importance of economic development for the region. He sees the future through this as Vanadzor surrounded by numerous smaller communities can develop if there are small food processing and recycling plants that will generate employment opportunities as well as increase the revenue. An extended discussion on different Untitled..community related issues followed the meeting with the Mayor. Alyson McFarland, USAID Democracy and Governance office director was impressed with the trip to Lori Marz. “We are privileged and honoured to be here and meet with such committed citizens. Active and strong citizens are the foundation of each and every city. We are proud to be your partners and support your efforts,” she said.

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